Sunday, 20 January 2013

Reviews for the Prince and the Pauper

Dear all,

First of all... Happy New Year!
We have started the year straight in 5th Gear at the Studio.

First of all, please see below some reviews about my designs for the Prince and the Pauper @ the Unicorn Theatre in London Bridge.
Calligraphic Artist: Marius Bogdanas

"Congratulations to Garance Marneur for the ingenious giant reel of a set. 
It has two semi-circular wings which open to reveal, for example, Henry VIII's bedroom or Westminster Abbey while providing niches, alcoves and balconies both inside and out. And the auditorium is configured to provide the cast with an extra walkway and to bring some of the audience further forward than usual"

"the extremely clever set: two white semi-circles that conjoin then move apart 
[...] The play-within-a-play concept, together with the minimalist white space, gives the production the intriguing air of a postmodern morality tale."

"Armed with catchy musical numbers and a spectacular stage by Garance Marneur, the play won over its young audience straight away"
A YOUNGER THEATRE, Theatre through the eyes of the younger generations

"The minimalist, abstract set by Garance Marneur is a nice contrast to the explosion of all things Tudor. The movable white blocks that frame the story contain windows, levels, stairs and curtains as the actors play inside them rather than just around"

"Set during the reign of Henry VIII, but littered with contemporary references. [...] With a multi role playing cast of actor musicians and an effective set this piece has all the elements of a great children's production. [...] the revolving set meant that scene changes were always slick and well organized. The seats just for children at the front of the stage were also a nie touch and gave the cast many opportunities to interact with the audience. The pale set also allowed the bright colours of the fruits and some of the costumes to really shine through."

"The minimalist stage design was something of an interior epiphany for us and has given us some fantastic ideas"

There will be a lot more news coming up soon.

For now, I am proud to announce that Transformation & Revelation: From Gormley to Gaga previously exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and featuring my designs for KHAOS, is currently on show at Summerhall in Edinburgh until 21st February 2013.

Black Dog Publishing will also be releasing soon a book on Contemporary Stage Designs,

Behind the Scenes: Set Design

which features some of my work.

There is more...
We are now about to go into production at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin... if the snow let us get there!
Opening of King Lear on WEDNESDAY, 6 FEBRUARY 2013
To book tickets, go to

Wishing you all the best again for 2013. Will this year be full of love, success and happiness for all.