Saturday, 8 November 2014

New design for Another Place: Thursday 6th - Saturday 22nd Nov 2014

When Earth is the loneliest planet, where else is there to go?
Paul is a specialist in cognitive behaviour, tasked with designing a 20-year mission to Mars. Daniel is a husband and new father struggling with the reality of marriage and the monotony of everyday life. Natalia is a twin sister, disillusioned by the world’s obsession with space travel and sorry that she didn’t say goodbye. And Amy asks a lot of questions…

Sneak peek for our week of previews... 
Time travel, infinity mirrors, a black hole, data... where is this all technological revolution leading us?
Are technologies changing our nature as human beings?

Transparent astronauts suits with fiber optics

Set in construction- Liquid mirror walls

A world of DATA

A black hole

The cube

A Theatre Royal Plymouth Production


by DC Moore

Another Place is a compelling play about our obsession to uncover the secrets of space, and the tragedy of what we leave behind. Full of dark humour, razor-sharp wit and intricately portrayed characters, this is a gripping play about what it means to be human.

Friday, 23 May 2014


Okay, so maybe I am not quite back at the studio yet ;)

Off to Ibiza with the team for a week of 'research' for our new production called

Designing a large scale and ambitious spectacle, a multi-sensory outdoor dance experience targeted at 19 to 35-year-olds, referencing club culture, circus and performance.

What creates the uncontrollable buzz and popularity of clubs?
How can a dance piece attract such a crowd?
How can we target the youth?

Tamsin Fitzgerald mentions in an article for the Hereford Times:
'young people in this age group will spend £40 to £60 on a night’s clubbing, but won’t pay £10 a ticket for theatre. My aim is to combat that by making a piece of immersive dance theatre with links to clubbing'

How can design help trigger the same amount of adrenaline and hormones that drugs and alcohol provide?
How can we create such a mind blowing night of performance that you won't even want drugs or alcohol to 'get in the mood' and have a fun night out?

I guess we are going to find out soon...
Off we go, jumping on the plane soon.
Hello Ibiza!
with Tamsin Fitzgerald- Award Winning Choreographer and Artistic Director of 2Faced Dance
James Mackenzie, Director and Founder of ZooVenue- Lighting Designer
Alex Baranowski- Tony Award Nominated Composer 

Why do you go clubbing? What do you expect? What do you like about it? What has been your best experience so far?
Let us know your thoughts!
Any recommendations on where to go, and what to see are also very welcome.

Please let us know at!

In French...

Arrêt à Ibiza avec l'équipe pour une semaine de «recherche» pour notre nouvelle production appelée

Le projet de recherche chorégraphique du Prix Jerwood

une expérience de danse en plein air multi-sensorielle destinée aux 19 à 35 ans , faisant référence à la culture des discothèques, du cirque et de la performance .

Quels facteurs créent le buzz incontrôlable et la popularité des clubs ?
Comment une pièce de danse peut-elle attirer une telle foule ?

Comment pouvons-nous cibler un jeune public ?

Tamsin Fitzgerald mentionne dans un article pour le Hereford Times:
« les jeunes de ce groupe d' âge dépensent £ 40 à 60 € en boîte la nuit, mais ne veulent pas payer 10 £ par billet pour le théâtre . Mon but est de lutter contre ça en faisant une pièce de danse immersive et en relation avec l'ambiance des boîtes de nuit »

Comment le design peut-il aider le déclenchement de cette quantité d'adrénaline et d'hormones que les drogues et l'alcool fournissent ?
Comment pouvons-nous créer une telle nuit de spectacle vivant, d'innovation et extravaganza que vous n'aurez même pas envie de drogues ou d'alcool pour vous "mettre dans l'ambiance" ?

Je suppose que nous allons bientôt le découvrir...
C'est parti , on saute dans l'avion.
Bonjour Ibiza !
avec Tamsin Fitzgerald - chorégraphe et directeur artistique primée de 2FacedDance
James Mackenzie , directeur et fondateur de ZooVenue - Eclairagiste
Compositeur Alex Baranowski -  Nominé au Tony Award 2014

Pourquoi allez-vous en discothèque ? Qu'espérezez-vous de vos sorties ? Que célébrez vous? Quelle a été votre meilleure expérience jusqu'à présent?
Partagez avec nous vos pensées et expériences !

Des recommandations sur les endroits où aller et les choses à voir à Ibiza sont également les bienvenues .

Contactez-nous à

I PROMISE YOU SEX & VIOLENCE, a world premiere of David Ireland's new play

Collage for S&V- mood board

We are back at the studio after a wonderful month of dream time, and business planning for our next adventures with an explosive design for 'Sex & Violence', a romantic comedie produced by Northern Stage; which will open at this year's Edinburgh's Festival @ the Kings Hall.

Collage for S&V- mood board

Meet Charlie, Bunny & Queue
Three characters in their 30's... 2 flatmates... 3 'friends'... struggling to find the right balance in their relationships, expectations of life, and what to expect from a partner.

How much have the romantic comedies we grew up with influenced the expectations we have of the other sex, and of romantic relationships? 
Through dynamic snapshots and fast paced sequences visually inspired by our most iconic rom-coms, we will share the life and struggles of our three characters.

One generation of music and screenwriters influences the following generation to produce a new trend of work. From the 60's and 70's indulgence of believing that pain would lead to pleasure, to the 90's hypersexualization of women, relationship to fame & power, to nowadays candy pop and extreme plastic surgery...  


Mood board scene by scene for S&V, G.Marneur Design 2014

From 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' iconic female figure of Audrey Hepburn, to 'Friends', 'When Harry Met Sally's famous table sex scene, to Beyonce and Jay Z's public image, and Katie Perry's candy pop art...

How far will we go?

19 February 2014

Do not miss it! More information coming soon about the design, and how to book tickets.

Et en français, ça donne...

Nous sommes de retour au studio à Londres après un mois merveilleux de rêves, et la planification de nos prochaines aventures avec un design explosif pour "Sex & Violence ", une comédie romantique produite par Northernstage (; qui ouvrira ses portes au Festival d'Edimbourg cette année @ Kings Hall.

Faites la rencontre de Charlie, Bunny & Queue
Trois personnages dans leurs trentaines ... 2 colocataires ... 3 'amis' ... qui ont du mal à trouver le bon équilibre dans leurs relations, les attentes de la vie, et notre 'parfait' partenaire. 

Jusqu'à quel point les comédies romantiques avec lesquelles nous avons grandi influencent les attentes que nous avons du sexe opposé, et des relations amoureuses? 
Grâce à des clichés dynamiques et des séquences rythmées inspirés visuellement par nos comédies romantiques les plus emblématiques, nous allons partager la vie et les luttes de nos trois personnages. 

Une génération de musiciens et scénaristes influencent la génération suivante... De l'indulgence de croire que la douleur conduirait au plaisir des années 60 et 70, à l'hyper sexualisation de la femme dans les années 90... De notre relation par rapport à la célébrité et au pouvoir, jusqu' au Candy Pop et la chirurgie plastique extrême ... 
Et après? Ou allons-nous?

De l'image féminine emblématique de Audrey Hepburn dans "Breakfast A Tiffany's", à "Friends", à la fameuse scène de sexe au restaurant dans "Harry Met Sally", à Beyonce et Jay Z, jusqu'aux clips vidéos Candy Pop de Katie Perry ... 
Jusqu'où irons-nous?

19 February 2014

Ne manquez pas "Sex et Violence" au festival d'Edimbourg!
 Plus d'informations à venir prochainement sur la conception du design, et la façon de réserver des billets. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

REVIEWS DARK WOODS DEEP SNOW @ Northernstage, Newcastle

There are stories and there are lies.
And I don't know which one is which.'

Set design & projection for Dark Woods Deep Snow

Garance Marneur's set of bleached winter trees and wonderful costumes were amazing; with innovative projections that flooded the set with huge snowflakes and then the iridescent shifting blue of darkness- gaspingly good!

A thing of wonder, infused with candy-striped trees, levitating cabinets and glowing constellations of bulbs.

A hugely stylistic silvery white forest greets the audience as they enter the auditorium; shadowy shapes drift in and around the 'trees'. The darkest of woods... a time machine, a translucent box, reminiscent of Dr Who... and wonderful costume added much needed colour and humour which the children and adults loved. [...] There are some dramatic effects- a bit of climbing and some neat projections. One youngster was heard to describe the show as 'epic'.

In the universe of Garance Marneur's's Maplins-punk costume design, that spirit of uncompromising, unpatronising space fantasy is everywhere. [...] The spectacle of Marneur's sylvan set design. [...] There is genuine magic.

A visual treat in creating a world where the high tech gadgetry is employed to save books and stories for our 'happily ever after'. The creativity of the production is very multimedia. The central ramp that brings the action from the stage into the audience is well used throughout the evening and the suspended bulbs around the stage and auditorium make the space feel magical. I had to ask a young member of the audience for their feedback on the show. The response was an enthusiastic 'EPIC!', which in my opinion is just what a story should be!

The children were transfixed


"An enchanting set and masterful cast. A Christmas treat"

Photograph by Topher McGrillis

Watch the trailer @

More on the process and costumes coming soon!

Reviews on my designs for NARRATIVE, written and directed by Anthony Neilson @ the ROYAL COURT, London

Oliver Rix on the NARRATIVE set @ the Royal Court theatre

"The cast is very good at animating a deliberately fractured narrative across close to two hours, the various plotlines emerging like so many dramatic shards. Think of the jagged pieces of glass visible in Garance Marneur's modish rectilinear set as a visual equivalent of the script."
THE NEW YORK TIMES, Artful Storytelling and the Loopy Allure of Improvisation by Matt Wolf

From left to right: Zawe Ashton, Imogene Doel, Brian Doherty, Christine Entwistle, 
Barnaby Power, Oliver Rix and Sophie Ross.

"Narrative is a world of mirrors. Physically, they sit on worktops and are stuck to small pillars whilst the text is riddled with references to them. The most important ones are those in a small shallow pond, shattered and of various sizes, light bouncing off the dual reflective surfaces of the glass and the water. These mirrors symbolise Neilson's interrogation of the difficulties and problems which arise when we try to use art to directly mirror life. Though a full length mirror may demonstrate an image of what life is, it doesn't offer us an honest and full representation of the complexities of life. Far better, then, to look to fragmented pieces of glass. [...] The cast wear t-shirts adorned with photos of their younger selves, and there is always a sense that proceedings could suddenly take an unexpected turn. Garance Marneur's set supports this, and allows for the creation of a number of striking images."

"To one side of a sleek white design jewelled with blinking blue LEDs- Apple's smooth, clean lines extended across an entire theatre set- a screen hosts a projected cave painting: the earliest example of human narrative. [...] It's theatre for the multi-tab generation. And yet this is more than just a meditation on the ways that digital technology has rewired our thought and behaviour. Narrative is wired into our cultural DNA. [...] The modern focus on the individual keeps rearing its head. Mirrors are everywhere, both in the text and dotted around Garance Marneur's design, most strikingly as a scattering of reflective fragments in a shallow pool of water; in place of costume, the actors wear T-shirts adorned with photos of their younger selves, a statement of identity and personal narrative sitting against their skin. Here, the ability to tell one's story is depicted as central to contemporary experience."
Full article @

"Scenes swim in and out of inner landscapes and fantasy. The less-than-two-hour evening is delivered with bite and stylishness, greatly helped by Garance Marneur's sleek design."

Zawe Ashton & Oliver Rix

"Garance Marneur's sleek white modernist design features shards of broken mirrors, which reflect the nature of the play itself, in which we juxtaposed fragments of several different story-lines."
THE TELEGRAPH, by Charles Spencer

"Interesting ideas lie scattered among the white shards, mirrors and shattered glass of Garance Marneur's design. Egotism- our refusal to believe in our individual insignificance- and a restless search for authenticity are explored in the context of a plugged-in, techno-savvy modernity adept at forging its own, often ludicrous or trivial myths." 
THE TIMES, by Sam Marlowe

Imogene Doel

"In Narrative, Marneur's sparse spaced set of white washed walls and shattered mirrors, reflect our empty shattered lives, as we watch still waters polluted by piss and blood. Even the younger reflected innocent faces, underline the older egos. Completely washed away in the finale, by the filthy waters of life, leaving a clean line of enlightened innocence."
Public comment in THE GUARDIAN