Saturday 8 November 2014

New design for Another Place: Thursday 6th - Saturday 22nd Nov 2014

When Earth is the loneliest planet, where else is there to go?
Paul is a specialist in cognitive behaviour, tasked with designing a 20-year mission to Mars. Daniel is a husband and new father struggling with the reality of marriage and the monotony of everyday life. Natalia is a twin sister, disillusioned by the world’s obsession with space travel and sorry that she didn’t say goodbye. And Amy asks a lot of questions…

Sneak peek for our week of previews... 
Time travel, infinity mirrors, a black hole, data... where is this all technological revolution leading us?
Are technologies changing our nature as human beings?

Transparent astronauts suits with fiber optics

Set in construction- Liquid mirror walls

A world of DATA

A black hole

The cube

A Theatre Royal Plymouth Production


by DC Moore

Another Place is a compelling play about our obsession to uncover the secrets of space, and the tragedy of what we leave behind. Full of dark humour, razor-sharp wit and intricately portrayed characters, this is a gripping play about what it means to be human.

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