Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Wow! So many things happened since I last posted...

And this week is my first Thanksgiving!

I have moved to the Californian Coast, in San Francisco to take on a new challenge and position as Executive and Artistic Director of a successful dance company LEVYdance in the Bay Area.

So before I share anymore about the fantastic growth my stage design company in London has gone through over this past year, and my recent move to the sunshine, I would like to...


The over 270, 000 live audience members who have come to see my shows in the past 8 years

The critics whom I have been lucky thoroughly enjoyed my work ;) and wrote beautiful in depth reviews of what I was trying to accomplish

The 13 year old girl who asked me to 'save her a place' at my studio for when she graduates whilst discussing over a hot chocolate how the Arts can play a significant role in the evolution of the world

The 15 year old who had no family, and told me that through my mentorship found purpose in his life

My dear assistants and employees who reminded me on a daily basis why I do what I do, and fueled my life with love, exchange, and have now become leaders in their fields. I am so proud!

My dear directors, creative teams, collaborators who always stood by me, believed in my vision and with whom I have made the works I am now most proud of whilst having fun, and making life seem so easy

My mentors who guided me in difficult times when I felt my little human body was letting me down

My friends, wherever they are in the world, who touch base and make time seem redundant

My lovers who treated me like the most precious thing in the world, and opened my eyes to intimacy, and how to become a better woman 

My family who raised me in a state of mind that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE
to whom I owe excellence, knowledge, wisdom, love, support and the 'Red Bull' energy I now have as a grown up.

A final special THANK YOU to the 2 little ones that mean the world to me, along with their family.
I name Eloise, Tim, Claire and Neil Franklin.

Lots of Love from the Californian Coast,
And I promise to post more regularly about our new studio updates!


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